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Mary Murphy - Biography

Artist's Biography

Mary Murphy was born in south central Ohio and has a BS degree in the College of Education from The Ohio State University and an MA degree from Marycrest College, Davenport, Iowa.

She began her art career by studying at The University Of Maryland College Park and continued her studies with Linda Pflug in Fort Myers, FL. Murphy has also studied with Cassandra James, Instructor at Ringling School of Art & Design, in Texas, Montana, Mexico and North Carolina. On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, she has studied with John Losonczy, Mary Ekroos, Scott Yeager, Kevin Fitzgerald, Camille Przewodek and Nancy Tankersley. In Pennsylvania, she has studied with Susan Nicholas Gebhart.

Artist's Statement

As a young child, I lived on a small farm that had a wooded area in a rear corner. I loved the play of the light on the grass, the leaves and trunks of trees, and on the nearby shrubs. When I began painting en plein air, that love for nature came back to me.  I paint colorful, somewhat abstract, contemporary oil paintings and use oil colors for my plein air paintings.  I also enjoy doing abstract paintings and paint these in acrylics.

Mary Murphy - Biography